1. Plan your budget

Start considering the budget from the moment you begin thinking about building your new project. Develop a realistic idea of how much you can afford to spend and how much it will cost to build. The budgeting phase is really about balancing your wants and needs with a realistic assessment of what you can afford.

Chances are you will need a construction loan and mortgage. It is not too early to find out how large a loan you can qualify for based on your income and other financial obligations. Today most local banks are eager to pre qualify you for a construction loan and are familiar with the interim construction loan process. At the same time, this early stage involves looking at what the different elements of your project will cost, including the land itself, the plans, the general contractor who will manage the project, and the construction materials.

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2. Choose Your Lot or Acreage

If you have not yet purchased a building lot for your project, you will need to locate and purchase your lot. Whether you are looking at building in the city or on an expanse of land will greatly determine what type of plan will suit your needs the best. You and your team at All Over Solutions will need to investigate factors such as soil conditions, drainage, zoning, and building line setbacks and codes. Consider the buildable area on the lot.

3. Pick a Plan

The plan depends on the lot size. Finding the right plan can take some time. One place to begin might be deciding on your favorite construction style. Look at projects around your area and online and determine what style fits your lifestyle the best.
There are two options for choosing a plan, a stock plan or a custom plan. If you choose to go the stock plan route it will save time and money. We have stock plans available and can even make minor design changes for an hourly fee.

A custom designed plan, on the other hand, is created specifically for you and the site it is located on. You will meet with All Over Solutions and we will customize your plan to your specific needs by asking comprehensive questions about the function of your project and preferences plus site visits to your property. It is a process that requires time and thought but is very rewarding. Another benefit is if you work with All Over Solutions we are a design/build firm so you will have the opportunity to build a working relationship with us before you even start the construction process.

Whether you opt for a stock or custom plan, it’s wise to choose a plan that will meet your needs for many years to come.

4. Line Up Your Team

Once a building site is chosen, a plan decided on, and you have started communication with the bank to prequalify for a loan, you can now begin assembling the team of experts at All Over Solutions to construct your project. Key players will include a builder, an excavator, a surveyor, and many other talented trades people.
You want to choose a builder you feel comfortable and confident in, it is a long process and we will be working closely together. Check our references and ask to see past projects. And spend time working through the details before finalizing us as your builder.

That brings us to the bid phase. We will send your completed plans out to our subcontractors and get bids based on your specific requests. We will then present you with a line item budget for your review. Working on the budget is a great way to get to get to know us better and help confirm All Over Solutions is who you want to spend the upcoming months working closely with.

5. Build!

Once financing, plans, land, engineering, permitting, & contract are all In order, it is time to build!

Be sure to get written, signed contracts for building your project. What goes into a building contract? A contract for new construction or remodels will describe the project in detail and include a listing of all the parts to be included in the project—the “specs.” Your contract should include a line item budget showing






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