When Jessica Forman of Grace Homes recognized a need within her community for a different kind of home health care she reached out to All Over Solutions to help her achieve her goal. She had a vision of a place that cultivated a feeling of warmth, community and support, a place where her residents feel at home.
With the help of All Over Solutions she built two custom residential care homes that truly embody what she dreamed of. A place where her residents feel at home and their loved ones can feel confident of quality and loving care. Jessica had heard great feedback from past clients of AOS, she chose them because she wanted to work with trustworthy and honest people. Because this project was so important to Jessica she picked a company who would understand her vision.
The goal of the project was to provide a home for her patients, all while improving quality of life and offering personal care with only three residents living with each caregiver. The homes are designed for independence, while still offering medical assistance and care that the patients need.
The two custom homes are an open concept style, giving the spaces an airy feel with exposed beams to emulate a farmhouse look. Each house has a little different color scheme to differentiate between them.
On the first house she chose Spanish Bay brick with exposed trusses stained in a rich brown, and a light Granbury Stone. Upon entering the home you notice the gorgeous dark brown floors, which look like hardwood but are actually a high quality vinyl, chosen for its durability and moisture resistance. It is throughout the house with no floor level changes to make it easier for residents to get around.The color scheme is a calming palette of Sherwin Williams Agreeable Grey and trim and cabinets are Sherwin Williams Roman Column which tie in beautifully with the stained exposed beams, the earthy granite countertops, and the tumbled marble backslash. Jessica decorated in a homey farmhouse style with pops of color to give it a warm welcoming feel.
On the second home she chose a lighter brick called Ashwood and mixed in more of the light Granbury stone. This home she did in a more monochromatic color scheme going with a weathered grey barn wood style floor, grey tones on the walls and trim and grey and white color marble countertops in the kitchen.
Included in both the homes are amenities that make the lives of her residents much easier, like walk in showers and tubs with grab bars installed to make everything accessible.
The open concept was used so that the bedrooms are directly off the living area, a space where the residents can enjoy activities and games together, also cooking communally around the large kitchen bar, easily accessible. These homes have given patients that are restrained to wheelchairs and walkers the access to the whole house, and give caregivers the ability to care, love and offer attention to each of the residents.
The residential care homes are situated in a neighborhood right in the middle of Granbury in order for family and friends to have the freedom come visit easily and frequently to make the residents feel at home.