Moody Craftsman Home

The Feyrer family has strong family values that are cherished above all else. The idea of a gathering place began to take root as they began thinking about the design for their new home. They longed for a home that would not only be accommodating but also provide an inviting space for everyone to come together and create lasting memories.

As they began to explore their options for building their dream home, the Feyrer’s found a plan that felt as though it had been designed just for them. They had the opportunity to watch this home plan being built and knew it would perfectly cater to their lifestyle. “We made countless trips to tour the AOS homes on Little Tree Ct. in different phases of construction and were very impressed as to how well they were put together.” – M. Feyrer

The home they envisioned had a few key features that would make it the perfect gathering place. First and foremost, they wanted a large, open living area. This space would serve as the heart of the home, a place where the family could gather. It needed to be spacious, and exude warmth and comfort. Additionally, they dreamed of an oversized back patio that would become the setting for countless family gatherings. Whether it was a Fourth of July barbecue, a birthday party, or simply a weekend get-together, the patio would be the stage for all their outdoor festivities. They pictured tables covered in delicious food, children playing in the yard, and everyone gathered around a crackling fire pit as the sun set on another perfect day.

However, the Feyrer’s also had a unique requirement that set their vision apart. They needed a space within the home that would provide their mother with her own area. They wanted to ensure that she had a retreat where she could enjoy her peace and privacy.

With unwavering determination and a deep sense of purpose, the Feyrers set out to turn this dream into a reality. They knew that building their dream home would be a labor of love, a testament to their commitment to family and the importance of creating a warm and inviting space for all their loved ones to come back and visit. The journey to build their home was not just about constructing a physical structure; it was about crafting a haven where the bonds of family could grow even stronger, and where love and memories would be cherished for generations to come.

Enjoy the photos of this project and reach out to us to start the process of building your dream home!

Moody Craftsman Home

Custom built home located in Tolar, Texas.

3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms, 2 Car Garage