When the Waltons and All Over Solutions joined forces for this custom project it was the perfect match. Through teamwork and lots of hard work we were able to complete it, from the design to construction completion. We are glad to showcase our latest masterpiece, The Walton’s Farm House Style Home located in DeCordova, Texas.

Griffin and Maggie Walton found one of the last few lots in DeCordova to build this house on. We combined their ideas with our expertise to create their dream home. This being a 2076 Square Foot Farm House style Bungalow. Our design team along with the Walton’s created a 3 bedrooms and 3 bath house plan as per their specifications. The result is a classy and spacious house with a cozy feel thanks to the Farm house details. Let’s have a detailed look at this great home.

Exterior Details

Here we opted for the contemporary Farmhouse look. This includes a front porch with metal roof accents. We also fitted the 8’’ columns with beautifully decorated corbels giving the house a distinguished look. The porch has an overall simple and cozy look that makes it inviting to everyone who sees it. We used the metal roof accents above garage door as well. This balanced the overall look of the house. To give it a classic and old fashion look we used white painted brick walls. The mixture of roof accents, exposed rafter tails and well balanced windows gave it that authentic farmhouse style look we were going for.  Lastly we installed wide board and batt siding adding to the overall elegance of the home.

Interior Features


We went all out to create a spacious environment. The entire house has white walls as well as high vaulted ceilings throughout. These two features give the house a spacious and expansive look. We also included lots of windows which not only make the house bigger but give it excellent lighting. These high energy efficient windows help save on power since very little electricity is used during the day. The ceiling, walls and windows work together to create a peaceful and freeing environment once you walk into the door.

Warm and Cozy

While space is great it is also important that a house feels cozy and warm. We achieved this through the incorporation of several farmhouse features. Most prominently in the home’s living area. We also used stain wood accents throughout the house. The accents are on doorways, on top of fire the place, drawers and even in the kitchen. The floor’s wooden texture also adds to the warmth of the home. The vaulted ceilings also accommodated plenty of light fixtures hence the house is perfectly lit at night.


To make the farmhouse style home even more authentic we decided to add some features that would give it a rustic look. A sliding barn door from the master bedroom to bathroom was one of the homeowner’s ideas. This definitely adds to the uniqueness of the house. This is an awesome idea that we think everyone should try. We also used faux ship lap on various parts of the house. We were really excited about the farmhouse theme!

A Touch of Class

Despite it being a farm house style home we wanted it to have a modern touch. Simple yet classy was what we were going for. We incorporated current molding trends on the doors, cabinets, and baseboards.

Tailored Accessories

At this point we wanted to make sure that everything matched the overall design of the house. Hence we put a lot of consideration into selecting these accessories as the final touch to the house.

*Farm sink- this not only complements the look but makes it easier to wash larger utensils baking sheets and large pots

* Ventless fireplace- the fire is fueled by natural gases. This together with the natural light from the large windows makes this a very energy efficient home

*Free Standing Bathtub-this vintage design bathtub in the master suite makes every bath enjoyable.

The Walton’s favorite features are the vaulted ceiling, wooden accents, beautiful kitchen and the master bath. We were glad to see how happy they were with the final product!

At All Over Solutions we are dedicated to leaving our customer satisfied. We strive to give you the best service you will get in and around Granbury, Texas. Our team of expert staff guarantees this. Come partner with us build your dream!

Texas Farm House Plan

Photos by Norman & Young